We Deliver to Macon, GA

  Macon, Georgia has the distinction of being one of the most beautiful, historic cities in the Southern United States. Unlike its northern neighbor, Atlanta, the city of Macon is not overwhelmingly large. Instead this midsized city maintains a small enough size to be quaint but is large enough to offer visitors a host of attractions. For anyone who is going to be in Macon, Georgia, a quick trip around town in a luxury car, such as the new Porsche Panamera or Jaguar XJ, can make taking in the sites just a bit more fun. Macon, Georgia is home to Mercer University, a private and thriving college that is found just on the outskirts of downtown. Hosting its first football game in 72 years, Mercer University’s campus is the perfect place to ride around in a BMW 7-Series checking out the renovated historic Grand Opera House or cruise by the newly-erected football stadium while taking in the view from the 2014 Range Rover Sport. Sports lovers will find more than just the university’s new college team, however. Macon also is home to a minor league baseball team, an arena football team, and a women’s roller derby team. Call the team at Exotic Car Rentals Orlando in Macon, Georgia to be picked up at your location in any one of their luxury automobiles. You could ride to the game in an Audi RLX convertible or blend in a little more with the understated elegance of an S-Class Mercedes Benz. If you are interested in more heady pursuits, Macon still has you covered. Travel to one of the city’s many museums, such as the Tubman African American Museum or the Allman Brothers Band Museum in a Tesla Model S, which is built for the best in performance. Macon, Georgia is home to other historic places of interest. In fact, the City boasts greater than 5,500 spots on the historic register. Driving around town sightseeing at the newly-planned homage to native Richard Penniman, better known as “Little Richard,” or just cruising along the countryside checking out the beautiful dogwood trees and cherry blossoms is made much better if you can make the trip in a Bentley or even Ferrari. Exotic Car Rentals Orlando is the perfect company to make your trip to Macon, Georgia one to remember. Our fleet of top-of-the-line luxury vehicles includes a range of car choices that allows you pick what will be best for your particular needs. We will deliver the luxury car of your choice to you and then pick it up when you’re ready to be on your way, making Exotic Car Rentals Orlando tops in customer service, too. So, call Exotic Car Rentals Orlando when you plan your next visit to Macon, Georgia. Let us help you drive the car of your dreams!