Prestige Exotic & Luxury Car Rentals Orlando, FL

Rent your Dream Exotic Car from one of the leading in Convertible, SUV, Sports, Luxury and Exotic Car Rentals company in Orlando, Florida. The city of Orlando, FL isn’t just about talking mouses and cartoon princesses. It is a place to enjoy sun, fun, and excitement of almost every stripe. But, if you are bringing the family to visit Walt Disney World and Epcot Center, why not arrive in luxury in an 2015 Cadillac Escalade?

Exotic Car Rental Orlando, Florida

Exotic Car Rental in Orlando is just one of many cars that Prestige Car Rentals offers for rent in the Orlando area. Imagine yourself getting off the plane at the Orlando International Airport and a Mercedes S550 is waiting for you the moment you get to the curb. You could be racing down Route 4 with wind tussling your hair in moments from your landing. Alternatively, imagine the look of undisguised appreciation on the face of the valet when you pull up to the Four Seasons Resort Orlando in an elegant and luxurious Lamborghini Gallardo. All of the cars available for rent at Prestige Car Rentals offer performance or luxury, usually both. But just because they are high performance or luxury vehicles doesn’t mean you have to give up utility. For example, the Porsche Panamera 4S easily has room to fit the entire family when you go to visit Universal Studios or Sea World.

Luxury Car Rental Orlando, Florida

Not only do you not need to sacrifice utility, you don’t need to sacrifice safety either. Front, rear, and side airbags, cruise control, and built in navigation systems are available on almost every model available for rent. With these safety features you don’t need to worry about getting hurt, lost, or getting a speeding ticket, no matter how much you might want to get one when driving a Ferrari 458 Italia Coupe to the Cala Bella. Prestige Car Rentals will make your visit to Orlando, FL absolutely magical. From the moment your family climbs in to the luxurious comfort of a Jaguar XJL at the Orlando International Airport to the end of night when you drive away from Cirque de Soleil – La Nouba, you will enjoy performance driving with both interior and exterior luxury to move you comfortably and conveniently around the city of Orlando, FL. For What Are You Waiting For?  Call us to Rent Luxury Car in Orlando Today!