We Deliver to Pompano Beach, FL

Surrounded by big cities, like Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach is the perfect place to try the city’s namesake, the fish called the Florida Pompano. More importantly, it’s a wonderful place to try out a luxury exotic car on the well-maintained highways in the area. Drive out to see the Hillsboro lighthouse with the top down and warm Florida breeze blowing through the car. Picture putting the pedal to the metal as you breeze by some of the city’s ample waterways on your way to Miami or Fort Lauderdale. Imagine the fun of discovering the Florida coast with the top down in a Mustang GT convertible. Of course, partaking in the city’s natural and man-made delights in a luxury rental by Exotic Car Rentals Orlando is only one reason you should try out a luxury vehicle on your next trip to the sunniest spot on the east coast. There are tons of reasons to rent a luxury car for your vacation or event, but none of them has the same effect on the individual more than giving the right first impression. Our sporty looking Jaguars and Porsches will make a great impression, but if you’d rather look intimidating, drive off to your event in a Rolls Royce or Cadillac Escalade. The area is ripe with real estate opportunities and those coming for business can take advantage of a great first impression with a car that screams luxury. If you’re a sociology major or just want to experience life as part of the upper crust, try arriving in a sporty, luxury car. You’d be surprised at the difference a car makes in how others treat you. A Ferrari, in particular, is particularly fun for an endeavor to test out the difference a car makes in how others perceive you. Renting an exotic car is the ultimate experience and a great way to try out your fantasy car. The horsepower will have you bubbling with excitement. For those with partners, who dream of driving an exotic car, one of our rentals will certainly make a fantastic birthday or Christmas present, which will always be the best Christmas or birthday he or she has ever received. Maybe, you just want to drive a different car than you normally would drive. Our Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Mustangs, Bentley, Rolls Royce and Hummers are not your average vehicles. They are a way to step out of your comfort zone and experience a car with more horsepower and prestige than you’re used to driving. Nothing says you did a great job more than spending the day (or week) behind the wheel of a Mustang or McLaren. So, pamper yourself with a car that rumbles louder than your boss. Driving up to pick up your special someone for a 1st or 50th anniversary will certainly impress upon your special someone that you still think they’re special. We like to give our clientele only the best of everything we offer. That translates into great cars, easy delivery of the rental to an airport, business, or house in the area, and fantastic customer service. We treat our customers like royalty. We do our best to accommodate every request and we’re certain you’ll leave feeling valued. Of course, the cars help with that. The cars listed under the “Fleet” tab on our website are our actual vehicles. These are real and powerful exotic cars that can exceed your expectations. We have all the classic cars that make up fantasies, like Porsches, Ferraris, Mustang GT and McLarens. We also give discounts to our customers who book their rental early. It’s our way of rewarding you for rewarding yourself. Booking early is a great way to save. Renting a luxury vehicle is all about experiencing the power under the hood and impressing those around you. If you’re ready for an experience and an adventure you’ll never forget, rent one of our luxury, impressive vehicles during your next vacation in south Florida. You’ll love it so much, you probably won’t want to return our vehicles.