We Deliver to ST. PETERSBURG, FL

Regardless of the reason that brought you to St. Petersburg, upon hitting the ground you want to make a splash, and what better way to get the ripples going than by renting a luxury vehicle to tool around town in. Sure, you could grab up a compact or economy model from one of those national chains, but will that decision send the message that you want to send at your 20th high school reunion? Perhaps the message you want to send can only be delivered by the 600 horsepower engine of a Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640? With only 4,000 of these babies ever built, you can probably plan on not having to suffer through that awkward “we both wore the same dress” feeling when you pull up to your next event. Considering St. Petersburg enjoys 361 days of recorded sunshine a year, and average daily temperatures of balmy mid-70s degrees, you might even want to set your sights on a convertible. Whether you are blasting across the Sunshine Skyway for a quick visit to Sarasota or your preference is to slowly cruise the area’s miles of pristine beaches, there is plenty to do in Florida’s fourth most populated metropolitan area. The city’s character, cuisine, culture, and comradely makes the area one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. Your selection of a high performance luxury sports machine suggests that you have the need for speed. What better way to satiate that need then by visiting the St Petersburg area next spring to catch the Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg? Although you can certainly catch the qualifying rounds from the uncomfortable, corrugated steel bleachers of the viewing platform, wouldn’t monitoring the races from behind the wheel of a McLaren MP4 be the absolute best way to spend your spring break? Following a day of culture which involved a stunning array of art galleries and museums, it’s time to sample the city’s night life, and your search will bring you to the award winning jazz clubs of Central Avenue, Prepare to wow everyone in the receiving line as you pull up in a vehicle that exhibits every conceivable luxury appointments available. Luxury comes in all styles and forms, and at Exotic Car Rentals Orlando we have an extensive collection designed to deliver your exact version of luxury. For some, luxury comes ensconced in the plush leather that can only be found in the back seat of a Rolls-Royce, while others define luxury as the purring engine of an Aston Martin. Whatever defines your sense of luxury when it comes to hitting the open road behind the wheel of a luxury automobile, we have the perfect match of power, elegance, style, and sophistication to meet your expectations and exacting standards. At Exotic Car Rentals Orlando, our guiding philosophy is that we are not only providing amazing luxury and exotic vehicles, but we are providing an opportunity to sample an entirely different lifestyle. Since 2004, the key to our success has been found in the relationships we have formed with thousands of clients throughout the Southeastern United States. With three main rental offices across the region, we have been meeting the luxury car needs of fine hotels, celebrities, business moguls, and speed nuts for nearly a decade. Since you only live once, and many people don’t even manage to accomplish even that, make the most of the time we have by spending it behind the wheel of a finely-crafted, precision automobile. Call the friendly rental staff at Prestige Luxury Rental to discuss your options and secure your reservation for the perfect luxury rental vehicle.