Ferrari Car Rental in Miami, Orlando, Atlanta & New Jersey 

Ferrari car rental in Miami, Orlando, Atlanta & New Jersey, come and experience Ferrari rentals at Exotic Car Rentals Orlando. Rent a Ferrari today. The name Ferrari echoes brilliantly through the halls of racing’s past. Few other automobile companies can claim such a storied racing history, made all the more impressive by the fact that for many years, the small Italian company stood alone against the corporate giants in the industry. While the auto maker may now have deeper pockets and a worldwide agenda, little else has change in terms of the company’s focus on producing the purest, most exclusive sports cars in exotic car rental Miami. Ferraris are a unique blend of elegance, craftsmanship and cutting edge racing technology which has been adapted from their decades of racing experience and deeply penetrated every aspect of their automotive design. Each exquisite curve in the body work and every angle hewn into the vehicle’s front fascia is the result of thousands of collective hours of wind tunnel testing and hard won race know-how. While other sports car companies may talk the talk, Ferrari walks the walk with an impressive string of Formula 1 victories and an even more impressive roster of former drivers. When it comes to street cars, Ferrari takes a backseat to no one. Each coupe which is exported from Italy bears the same level of build quality, power and handling which goes into their professional racing efforts. When a driver makes a gear change in a modern Ferrari, the software that controls the transmission is the same as that which deals with the high strung engines found on racing circuits world wide all season long. This level of quality and capability quickly sets Ferrari cars apart from almost every other vehicle on the road. Driving a Ferrari is an almost religious experience in luxury car rental. There are few who can be placed in control of that much power and poise and not be spiritually affected by the transcendent steering, acceleration and braking. A Ferrari demands to be driven, and it expects the best of each person who gets behind the wheel. Book Ferrari on rent now !! Call 1-888-513-9711

Ferrari 458 Spider

Rent a Ferrari 458 Spider from Exotic Car Rental Orlando There are plenty of convertibles on the road, especially in Orlando, but few of them can reach nearly 200 miles per hour. The Ferrari 458 Spider, a hardtop convertible, is that rare car that lets you truly enjoy the...