Rolls Royce Ghost

Rent a Rolls Royce Ghost from Exotic Car Rental Orlando
The Rolls Royce Ghost is just about the most traditional version of a Rolls Royce on the market. This top end luxury vehicle is as much a limousine as it is a town car, with its climate controlled rear compartment that features polished wood trim, spacious leg room, head rests, and doe skin leather seats that can provide a full body massage. This is the kind of car you use to shepherd royalty or movie stars. And despite the fact that it isn’t a stretch limo, passengers of the car will not be disappointed by the traditional, English body design that simply radiates wealth and sophistication.
Rolls Royce Ghost Rental Delivery to the Orlando Airport
If you are renting a Rolls Royce Ghost from Exotic Car Rental Orlando, you are probably even traveling with a dignitary of some sort or planning to provide a luxurious weekend for a loved one. Either way, you should take advantage of delivery service from Exotic Car Rental Orlando. With this service, the car will be waiting at the terminal when the plane arrives, avoiding any delay between landing and heading to your hotel. From first class air travel, to a first class car travel in a Rolls Royce Ghost, to a suite at the Ritz Carlton Orlando, this car rental can help make an Orlando trip perfect.