Bentley rental in Miami, Orlando, Atlanta & New Jersey, come and experience Bentley rentals at Exotic Car Rentals Orlando. Rent a Bentley today. Class. Exclusivity. Power. Luxury. These are all terms which historically have been used to describe the vehicles produced by British automaker Bentley, and never have they been more appropriate than in our modern era. With 6 different models ranging from imposing sedans to full-size convertibles to personal luxury coupes, Bentley vehicles display a confidence and competence not often found in an automobile. One of the most impressive characteristics of Bentley cars is the way they seem to almost defy the laws of physics in terms of their acceleration and handling. While most of the company’s sedans weigh in at over two tons, the Arnage, for example is capable of reaching 60 miles per hour in just 5.2 seconds. This is in large part thanks to the prodigious power found under the hood of each vehicle in the Bentley lineup – one would be hard pressed to find a car wearing the winged B logo which did not produce less than 450 horsepower, with most topping 500. However, the nimble agility of these large cars is astounding, especially for a luxury car rental. Whether running through a slalom or down a twisty mountain switchback, Bentley sedans perform seemingly impossible feats of cornering that would leave many sports cars in the dust. In addition to the super sedans, Bentley manufactures some of the most exclusive coupes and convertibles in the world. For more formal occasions Bentley offers two-doors and drop tops which resemble slightly truncated versions of their passenger cars. For the adventurous there is also the Continental GT and GTC, whose aggressive, aerodynamic shape presents a fierce expression of the raw power harnessed by classy refinement that is found underneath the skin of every exotic car rental. Bentley is the ultimate brand for those who are looking for a vehicle with elegance and style but who are unwilling to completely leave the jungle of high performance behind.

Bentley GTC Convertible

Bentley GTC Convertible Rental in Orlando A Bentley GTC Convertible rental is a car that demands respect. From the roar of its 4.8 liter 8 cylinder engine to the all-wheel drive with electronic stability controls to the passenger friendly LCD screen controlled entertainment system, this is a car that...