BMW i8

BMW i8 ‘Modern luxury’ has a new definition for sports cars. It still includes traditional standards of high speed, superior handling, and precision braking, but it has also grown to include new standards of environmental friendliness and unsurpassed gas mileage. The 2014 BMW i8, with its high powered hybrid engine, doesn’t just live up to these new standards of modern luxury, but practically defines them. In terms of speed, handling, and acceleration, it competes with or surpasses every major luxury sports car even while it is being driven entirely with electrical power. If you are seeking the best in luxury sports car rentals, a BMW i8 rental will allow you to travel at high speeds with class and sophistication, while using minimal gas. It is unquestionably the gold standard of the modern luxury sports vehicle.


  • Hybrid Engine – Combination turbocharged three-cylinder and an electric motor that offers up to 357 horsepower
  • 3.8 Second Acceleration to 60 MPH – Blazing fast acceleration in traditional or electrical mode. BMW i8 can do a quarter mile in 12.4 seconds
  • 6 Gears – At the highest gear, the BMW i8 can reach 155 mph
  • 3 Different Propulsion Modes – SPORTS mode maximizes speed and energy regeneration. ECO PRO mode maximizes overall efficiency. COMFORT mode compromises between the two, offering minimal environmental impact while providing a fast, smooth ride
  • Light Gull Wing Doors – Easy to open / close and very stylish
  • Rear seats – Comfortably sized for children or extra storage
  • Driver Assistance System – Object and collision detection systems provide advance warning to prevent or mitigate imminent collisions. Side and rear cameras ease the difficulty of parallel parking.
  • BMW iRemote App – BMW i8 connects directly with a smartphone to provide full diagnostic information for the car at all times
  • Built in GPS – ConnectedDrive system has a complete set of up-to-date maps and intelligent mapping system to provide easy directions to any location. ConnectedDrive system also offers news and weather updates
  • 22 Mile Electrical Range – While driving on electrical power only, the BMW i8 can easily traverse any city without emissions and without needing a recharge

Rent the Future

Imagine a car that looks like it was sculpted of mercury, has no emissions, runs as quietly as a mouth, drives so smoothly you think you are flying, and can literally drive itself in order to avoid accidents. If that sounds like the future to you, then the BMW i8 is the future. When you rent the BMW i8 from Exotic Car Rentals Orlando, conveniently located at the Miami International and Atlanta International Airports, you are getting the future. Your BMW i8 rental will be the talk of the town at nightlight spots in South Beach like Mango’s Tropical Cafe, the Clevelander, Crobar, and Jazid. The low emissions and great handling of your BMW i8 rental are ideal for driving the Cohutta Wilderness Loop or the Georgia Foothills Loop. Rent the BMW i8 for your next vacation and you will be enjoying a taste of what luxury looks like in the future.