Land Rover Range Rover Sport HST

Rent a Range Rover Sport HST 2016 from Exotic Car Rentals Orlando

When renting a vehicle there is nothing quite like getting your hands on a limited edition. When it comes to vehicles, most people associate limited edition vehicles with sports cars or town cars. That is part of what makes the Range Rover Sport HST 2016 so special. It is a rare limited edition SUV. What does the limited edition get you? Plenty. For starters, this Range Rover offers a truly striking design built around black highlights, specifically on the grill and roof. This design theme gives the vehicle a powerful and aggressive look. Furthermore, this vehicle offers 40 more horsepower than previous models, allowing you to really take off in it. Finally and unexpectedly, an improved suspension gives the vehicle impressive agility for a sedan, let alone for a SUV.

A SUV That Connects to Your Smartphone

Have you ever heard a car alarm going off and wondered if it was your car? With this Range Rover Sport, you never have to wonder again. By connecting this vehicle to your smart phone, you gain a number of benefits. You will receive alerts when the alarm goes off, can adjust the locks and windows from a distance, and can even turn on the HVAC before you enter the car. If that kind of convenience is what you want in a SUV, rent your Range Rover Sport HST 2016 from Exotic Car Rentals Orlando and ask about our delivery options.