BMW M6 Convertible

Rent a BMW M6 Convertible in Orlando
The BMW M6 Convertible is a vehicle that practically defines modern elegance. Admittedly, it isn’t trying to win any performance awards, but unless you are incredibly familiar with top performance vehicles, the 560 horsepower V8 engine may convince that you that it is. Instead, it is simply a vehicle that wants you to enjoy driving it. And with a convertible soft top, a voice controlled navigation system, dynamic cruise control, and a very sleek body design, you can’t help but enjoy yourself while driving this vehicle. As an added benefit, because this is a BMW, it is also a very safe vehicle. Like most of BMW’s modern fleet, the M6 Convertible has a rear view camera, built in assist calling, and a slew of other modern safety features.

BMW M6 Convertible Rental Delivery to the Orlando Airport
If you are going to enjoy the luxury of a BMW M6 Convertible rental from Exotic Car Rental Orlando, you might as well enjoy the option of having your rental delivered to the Orlando Airport. This option will save you time that you can better spend getting familiar with the various impressive features of your rental vehicle. That saved time could easily be the difference of whether or not you can manage to watch the dolphin show at Sea World.