Mercedes-Benz S550

Rent a Mercedes Benz S550 from Exotic Car Rental Orlando
The Mercedes Benz S550 is a town car designed to make you fall in love. The traditional suave exterior exhibits all of the beautiful curves and lines that Mercedes Benz is famous for. But as lovely as the exterior is, the interior is simply mind blowing. Polished wood trim accents hand stitched leather throughout the car. Digital touch screens give easy access to both information and entertainment, as is needed, while in car WIFI lets anyone access the entirety of the digital world. Finally, it is hard to find a more comfortable ride. All wheel drive and an advanced suspension assure that passengers will almost never feel the bumps of the road while cushioned heated adjustable leather seats.
Mercedes Benz S550 Rental Delivery to the Orlando Airport
When you rent a Mercedes Benz S550 from Exotic Car Rental Orlando, you can arrange for that car to be delivered to the Orlando Airport, waiting for you the moment you exit the terminal. If the car came with its own driver, you would effectively be stepping in to a limo when you picked up your Mercedes Benz S550 rental. Even without the driver, you will be enjoying true luxury as you travel to the Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort.